Why? Why have I spent so long geeking-out on a website like this? Fundamentally, it's fun. I enjoy producing something which looks nice at the end.

But there is more to it than that.

Understanding, not accepting

I'm not sure if you've ever had to babysit a five-year-old and endure the suffering that your parents endured during your 'why' stage. For most people, that stage wears out before long. For me, I was still asking 'Why' when I got through to my Maths class. I always got told by my classmates, 'Just accept it'. Despite the dissatisfaction of it all, I was often told something on face value and required to accept it.

One of the things about blobs.org is that it gives an opportunity to understand a little bit more about what's going on - not just to 'accept' that something happens, as modern pop science may often ask us to do. I wanted to be able to understand things better, and when I could, it seemed to make sense to pass that knowledge on.

Sharing good news

Another thing that many of my fellow Maths-students thought you had to just 'accept' was faith. After all, believing that God could come to earth, even that there is a God it's all a bit far-fetched, isn't it?

I think it isn't. In fact, I think most people know it isn't. Somewhere we're all capable of recognising the beauty of the world is beyond the stretches of an 'accidental' explanation; the complexity of the human body, the insufficiency of evolutionary theory although it is taught as science, it's actually simply a clever alternative to belief in our divine Creator.

Yet it gains popularity because it tells us that we are self-sufficient, self-dependent, and denies the need to acknowledge any greater power. People don't want to believe that they are answerable to God, nor that there's any kind of punishment for failing to. But just because we don't want to believe something doesn't stop it being true - bad news isn't necessarily false news.

But the reality is, though God is real and we have failed to acknowledge Him, it's not bad news. God is actually incredibly loving - He dearly loves us, and wants us to know Him; He wants us to live in the best way possible. God offers us complete absolution, complete forgiveness, if only we'll trust in His Son Jesus Christ. Jesus died on the cross to accept our punishment. Living with Jesus as King instead of ourselves, God welcomes us into His family and promises that when Jesus comes back a second time, we will live with Him forever!

The second reason I've created this website is to provide an opportunity to let you know about all this.

However, it might be that you think this is a load of rubbish. I've said that bad news isn't necessarily false news - and you might say, "Well, good news isn't necessarily true news, either." You're right - just because what I've told you is great, doesn't mean it's true, and it might even seem far-fetched. The question is, is it true?.

The best way you can find out is to look into what some of Jesus' followers said about His life on earth, by reading one of the accounts of His life. John, one of Jesus' closest followers, wrote down an account for the express purpose of encouraging people to believe that it's all true, and to trust Jesus. He said, 'These things are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in His name.' (John 20:31). Take the chance to read those things chapter by chapter here.

A simple explanation of what exactly Christians believe can be found here