I'd love to say that blobs.org is a good website for understanding the basics behind scientific concepts, but self-flattery is an ugly thing - have a look at what some other people have contacted blobs.org to say:

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From students

"A great web page...something extraordinary than others" - A student

"Easy to follow basic steps but included scientific names for follow-up reading" - A student

"I LOVE this website!!! I'm so glad there's someone else who likes to understand why things happen instead of just accepting it. I'm really slow sometimes and it takes me ages to grasp things! Your site has helped me to understand ... various topics that I find really difficult to get my head around ... I shall definitely visit the site again the next time I have trouble with any of the topics you've written about!" - A 1st year medical student

"I'm a 44 year old female in a biology class for the first time in many many years. The instructor is very tough and your website was very helpful in improving my knowledge and test scores. Thank you!!" - A mature student

"Your explanation of the thoracic area was great! I am always totally confused in class because of the overwhelming number of difficult words and explanations. Plus, I seem to fail myself miserably before I even get to class. If every explanation was as clear as yours, life would be so much less painful." - A student

From teachers

"I love this site because it shows (visually) the concepts I am trying to teach..." - A college teacher

"I find the thermodynamics ... very useful. Thanks." - A professor of neuropsychology

"Really cool stuff! Just looking forward to further releases of topics ... Keep up with your good work!" - A university teacher

From others

"The heart article was incredibly impressive ... the quality of [it] was great."

"Very good website with animations - how do you do it, all on your own? Was revising for MRCP exams via the web when i did a search on JVP and got here. I'm impressed" - A doctor

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