I frequently receive queries regarding copyright ownership of images on this site. This part of blobs.org is designed to answer some frequently asked questions, and clarify the best procedure for asking further questions

1. The copyright for all the material on this site is owned by Tim Sheppard

Unless otherwise stated, all of the material on this site has been written or designed by myself, Tim Sheppard. As far as possible, the date of authorship is provided or implied at the top and bottom of each article.

Subject to any local jurisdiction regarding plagiarism, the entire content of this website, including all of the written and pictoral material contained within its articles, may not be reproduced or distributed in any form, including both electronic and print, without the express permission of the author (unless subject to the provisions for free distribution below).

Permission for use of this material may be obtained by contacting myself using only this form.

2. Use of the material on this site may be granted without seeking express, specific permission, if it meets all of the following criteria.

a) The material being reproduced is being used for non-profit, educational purposes only. A purpose may be considered 'profit-making' if the person reproducing the material is obtaining a wage for the specific occasion when the material is to be used (e.g. a guest lecturer), or those to whom the material is being shown have to pay in order to attend the occasion (e.g. a private class). A purpose may be considered 'non-profit' if any monetary remuneration obtained by the person using the material is only part of a salary which they would be paid regardless of the specific occasion upon which the material is to be used (e.g. school teacher).

b) The material obtained from the website is not altered in any way. This includes (but is not limited to) altering the wording of any particular article, rearranging words or sentences within any text that is reproduced, changing the size, shape or appearance of any image in any way, defacing or adding to any image in any way, falsing representing blobs.org or the material it states.

c) The material is limited to that found within the articles of this website. Any page on this website referring to blobs.org and its purpose, not intended to deliver scientific information, or not listed in the article list on the resources page of this website, is not subject to the conditions of this section. Rather, such a page may not be reproduced in any way whatsoever without the express, written permission of the author.

d) Full and proper acknowledgement is provided. Any reproduction of the material on this website must explicitly acknowledge myself, Tim Sheppard, as the author of the material. Acknowledgement should be given in the form of a copyright notice as follows: " Copyright Tim Sheppard, www.blobs.org", including the year that the material was created if known, or else the current year. Framing or presentation of the material in a way that suggests, explicitly or implicitly, alternative authorship of the material is expressly forbidden.

e) The material should not be used in such a way as to imply affiliation with blobs.org or Tim Sheppard. Copyright notification should be sufficiently clear as to explain exactly what has been written or produced by myself, and nothing else. There should not be any part of the site which suggests, explicitly or implicitly, any affiliation or association between yourself and blobs.org or Tim Sheppard, nor should any there be any suggestion of approval from blobs.org or Tim Sheppard. The use of the blobs.org logo, or the blobs.org blob, is expressly forbidden.

f) The material is used within a context that is in accord with the purpose of blobs.org. This website is unashamedly and publicly Christian in its purpose. As detailed here, blobs.org exists in order to provide an opportunity to explain (medical) scientific concepts in a simple, accessible way, and to provide an explanation of the Christian faith. Any context that employs the use of material from this website should, therefore, contain within it nothing that may work against this purpose. This includes (but is not limited to) any context which implies the non-existence of a creator God, which denies the divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ, or which seeks to dissuade anyone from finding out about Him. Any context within which the material from this site reproduced should not seek to defraud or misinform its readers in any way.

3. Use of the material on this site for purposes not meeting the criteria above may in some circumstances be granted by contacting me in the following way.

If you would like to use the material on this site but your request does not meet the criteria (a)-(d) above, you may still be able to obtain permission by using this form. Please allow at least 1 month for a response, and include the reason why your request does not meet these criteria, the specific context within which you intend to use the material (including any text or images you intend to use either side of the material from blobs.org), and the exact material you would like to reproduce.