Ever wondered who's behind the blobs.org website? Well, this web page is designed to give you a bit of an insight.
It was first created at the beginning of 2004 as a distraction for a 1st year medical student, and has gradually escalated into the range of articles present on blobs.org today.

Who's who?

Tim is a Christian who has recently qualified as a doctor, and began computer programming at the age of 15. He started producing blobs.org after beginning his medical studies in 2003.

Tim likes Cookie-Dough flavoured ice cream, programming dynamic web pages, and the function of human body. He's particularly enthusiastic about Jesus, who saved him a long time ago and for whose return Tim eagerly awaits.

Bob is a blob who first bounced at the beginning of 2004 and has been illustrating scientific articles since then. He's particularly involved in the artwork for blobs.org.

Bob is shy and tends to spend time alone. He's quite keen on bouncing, but has been advised medically to limit such exercise to a minimum to avoid causing severe trauma to his skeleton. Bob's recovery from his accident two years ago continues to this day.


There's a whole section explaining why I've made blobs.org here. Do follow the link to find out more.